A Note on Love

We’ve all heard the infamous saying “you can’t love someone else until you love yourself,” over and over again.

loveeeDespite the widespread notion that this is in fact true, I believe it can be a little misleading in its interpretation. Don’t get me wrong; I do very much believe there is truth to it. But where it gets hazy for me is the part where it claims you CAN’T love someone else, which argues that love is something one either does or doesn’t do. This comes down to the widespread fear of love in our society. So often we are afraid to utter those 3 little words: I. Love. You.

But, why?

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I have doubt in its merit.

We are all just cheap tricks,

Bought and sold.

What is true?



We are mathematicians, adding up as we go.



Sifting through findings.



We are not creators.

We are knockoffs –

Simulated beings.

Bona fide no more.


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Embracing your Now

Times are hard in the current world of 20-somethings. Life, love, purpose, money, the future, and so much more.

Uhm, wait. What about laundry, remembering to eat enough veggies, and striking that perfect school-life balance?   That is more my speed. Maybe even trying not to be consumed by the over-whelming sense of impending doom that is my everyday life. Dramatic? I think not. It’s hard to make life decisions when the foundation thatyouarehere is your life feels like it could collapse at any given moment. I’m unsure of my future, and myself, more so than ever. And that remains at the forefront of my mind every time I’m faced with a decision. Will it be the right one? Will this screw up my life?

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