Roosh the Douche – The Guy Who Wants to Legalize Rape

-Disclaimer- I wrote this for a news media site, missed the bid, and didn’t want to discard due to rage, so, here it is.

‘Neo-masculinist’ Daryush Valizadeh, better known to the internet as “Roosh V” announced Wednesday that he had to cancel his “International Tribal Meet-up Day,” according to DNAinfo Chicago.

Roosh V’s “men’s rights” group rally (I’m laughing as I type this) involves followers of the Return of Kings blog who were supposed to meet up to worship the “mastermind” himself, Roosh V.

This dickwad, who isn’t a “King” in any form, no matter what his blog may profess, has publicly argued for legalizing rape on private property.

This is how he justified it:

By attempting to teach men not to rape, what we have actually done is teach women not to care about being raped, not to protect themselves from easily preventable acts, and not to take responsibility for their actions.

Later on, Roosh V claimed that the post was satirical, but if you take a look at his blog, you may find his original comments weren’t so off from what he writes about on Return of Kings.

And if you’re a female who frequents his site, you’ve gotta show him the goods if you want a reply to your message. WTF?!

Better yet, his Twitter may just be another indication of how misogynistic he really is:

Via Twitter @Rooshv

Via Twitter @Rooshv

Many sexual violence advocates threatened to stage counter-protests if the event took place.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) said the group wasn’t welcome in his state.

The Governor gave a statement, claiming:

I’ve spent much of my career protecting women from such vile and heinous acts, and it won’t be any different on my watch as governor.

Well, he sure doesn’t make it difficult to hate him with a face like that. Can you say eww?! This is the guy giving 10s of thousands of men advice on how to pick up women… My goodness. I think he needs to learn how to pick up a mirror, because he isn’t too pretty himself.

The meet-up was even rejected internationally in countries like Germany and Canada.

A group of female boxers from Toronto, ON., Canada even said they were going to confront the group when they came to meet in the city.

Hacker/activists called Anonymous even threatened to take the Return of Kings blog down, due to it’s disgusting content. (Secretly I kind of hope they do…)

You know, it must suck to feel so emasculated by confident women that you devote your life to tearing them down. They say the men with the tiniest penises are usually the ones most threatened by female empowerment. I can’t say I disagree.

All I can say is, the misogyny is strong with this one.

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