You Matter, I Matter

Often times I feel hopeless, because what I’ve done, will do, and am currently doing is all grossly insignificant. Like what I think and feel, is felt by hundreds of millions of other people. Maybe things vary in terms of the details, but human beings are more similar than not. The complexity of our thinking leads us to believe that we are different, alone, and experiencing our lives entirely as if this were the first time in human history anyone has felt this way.

Our culture doesn’t help, either. With the push of capitalist individualism and the cut-throat nature that is climbing the corporate ladder, it’s no wonder we’re feeling lonelier than ever.significance

But then I kind of realized something, without really even forcing myself to draw any conclusions. We are all individuals here. We have vastly different, seemingly unimportant, sequences of experiences that equate to one large experience called life. We share many commonalities, but each experience we have affects us each in different ways. What we take away from each encounter, thought, or event, shapes us into the people we become. The relevance of this is that these minute experiences that often go unrecognized, are essentially what shapes us as human beings. So when we think we are irrelevant, or have nothing important to say, we are sadly mistaken. Change isn’t always obvious, or even outwardly noticeable. Our actions may mean little in our own opinion, but that’s only because we don’t have the chance to follow its ripple affect. It could change the life of someone else. It largely depends on our perceptions and previous experiences, and the ways in which they intertwine to form our subjective realities.

Imagine if we believed we mattered. And not just in the theoretical sense, but in our bones. Imagine if we thought of ourselves as valuable, worthy human beings with potential to really affect change. And I’m not talking individually. I mean as a people. A collective of kind, compassionate, people who believed in themselves and the ability to better the planet. Well, I think we would be a lot better off.

Your contribution may be so small, but the affect it could have may lead to so much more. More progress, beauty, and love. And without you, it never would have happened. Your comment, kindness, or even just to share a moment of solitude, could be the catalyst that forces them to make a brilliant change. Or you could have just made someone a little less lonely for a moment. Isn’t that enough in itself?

If we were truly insignificant, why were we put here?


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