There’s Truth to Trump: Why we need to Make America Great Again

What Trump says is true: America could use a revamp. Maybe we just disagree on the fine print.
Every single day, hundreds of articles are published about American politics. From Trump’s latest tangent, to the newest accusations about Hillary.

But what is rarely talked about is the fact that these issues are the same. They’re tired, old, and similar to those we’ve seen replay throughout history. The dialogue is unchanging: sensible Democrat vs. outlandish Republican. Okay. Right. We get it.

Historically, it’s been a game of back-and-forth, tossing the ball between two opposing teams. All that seems to change are the players.

Well America needs to wake up and realize that no matter who leads the game, they are still at large in bed with the wealthy corporations who call the shots anyway.

But what if we have another option this time?

What, or rather, who I’m referring to is Mr. Bernie Sanders. Although he’s still technically a Democrat, he hasn’t been too quiet about the fact that he’s got a far left Socialist agenda. An impressive Socialist agenda, at that. Anyone who views basic human rights like education and healthcare as unquestionable necessities gets a gold star in my book. Sanders even goes as far as to openly stating that war should be the last option. Bravo.

America needs progress. And if that doesn’t come in the form of a new party, or actually enacting Socialism, then let’s at least enact a President who’s progressive enough to get the ball rolling. Bernie Sanders himself has even accused Democrats and Republicans as being “indistinguishable tools of the wealthy”. Are we really going to continue to keep substituting players in the game?
Maybe we’ve underrated the 74 year old. It’s time America.

As Trump would say, let’s make America great again!

-Note- this was written for a news source.  I am not an American citizen, nor am I eligible to vote in the United States.


2 thoughts on “There’s Truth to Trump: Why we need to Make America Great Again

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m confused. Did you write this article? Anyway, we don’t need a Donald Trump OR a Bernie Sanders running our country. One is as frightening as the other. Hilar.y Clintonn is even worse. I told my husband I’m voting for him if any two of these three make it. 🙂 God bless and have a good day


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