Embracing your Now

Times are hard in the current world of 20-somethings. Life, love, purpose, money, the future, and so much more.

Uhm, wait. What about laundry, remembering to eat enough veggies, and striking that perfect school-life balance?   That is more my speed. Maybe even trying not to be consumed by the over-whelming sense of impending doom that is my everyday life. Dramatic? I think not. It’s hard to make life decisions when the foundation thatyouarehere is your life feels like it could collapse at any given moment. I’m unsure of my future, and myself, more so than ever. And that remains at the forefront of my mind every time I’m faced with a decision. Will it be the right one? Will this screw up my life?

The nature of our society has us conditioned to believe that we HAVE to have a plan, and that we HAVE to like it. And then we have to convince others we’ve got our shit together and are LOVING it. How often are you asked what you want to do after school? Or, if you’re not in school, then what you want to do for the rest of your life? There is this false idea of “the rest of our lives” as if we will be static and doing one thing forever. I guess this is because of the baby boom generation, who had more of a chance of walking out of school into decent jobs that they were able to ride out for the next 30+ years. But this is just not how the world works anymore. We always hear about how we as millennials will have had a slew of jobs before even hitting middle age. This can be exciting, but also scary.

This idea of having a plan and having everything worked out is one we need to work on changing. I think it’s okay to have absolutely no clue what you want out of life. Or maybe you know what you want, but not how you’re going to get there. Okay, too! And despite what your parents may say, it does not necessarily make you immature, foolish, or stupid. It makes you young, probably inexperienced, curious, and impressionable.

If you’re anything like me, you’re an avid dabbler. From knitting to running, to baking to volunteering, to writing to horseback riding. Many different hobbies, interests, and experiences that lead you to viewing different perspectives and ways of life. To me, that is brilliance. You’re exploring and feeding your creative side, and learning while you do it.

If you don’t have it all figured out career-wise, you are not alone. Many millenials struggle with finding themselves and the places where they belong. But this is a natural part of being young and being where you are right now. It’s all meant to be, and this is merely a step on your journey of development and self-discovery. Although it’s scary, it’s also exciting, liberating, and meaningful. It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t meant to be!

Instead of holding ourselves to standards set by others, at different points in their lives, we should be embracing our right now, for what it is. Instead of getting caught up in the trap of people pleasing and conforming to other’s expectations, maybe we should sit back, hold the hell on, and enjoy the ride. After all, isn’t it about the journey, and the adventure along the way?

If you, too, are struggling with what to do with your life, comment below or email me: brittany@lifelovelittlethings.com, if you’d like to chat one-on-one!

Photo: http://www.ourgom.com/are-you-living-in-the-present-or-in-the-past/

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